Ana Guerra’s dress by Marcos Villafruela

Ana Guerra wears Marcos Villafruela for her latest video

The dress is an exclusive, handcrafted piece specially made for the video for Ana Guerra’s new single “Tik Tak”, which is released today.

Ana Guerra has chosen a design from the Marcos Villafruela label for the video for her new single “Tik Tak”. 

The fabric was selected for its transparent look and shine and is accessorised with small round mirrored pieces. So that any woman looking at it sees a reflection of herself, in the way that mirrors reflect reality back to us. Self-knowledge and understanding our own identity.

Vestido Ana Guerra Tik Tak

Just like what Ana Guerra experienced during lockdown. She herself has said that it represented a turning point; it made her realise that she wanted to be honest with herself and others. This is clear in her single “Tik Tak” and also in her choice of dress.
The real feathers also create movement and fluidity while the crystals add shine and sparkle, making the dress a symbol of life and light in the darkness.


Time through transparency. For the designer: “transparency is a value that generates trust in ourselves, a feeling of security, and helps us to see the reality of each person. We can see the human body and how we evolve over time. Why cover it up?” 


As rock group Sidonie said: “We’re at an age where we’re not going to hide away.” Time passes and we have to move on from just the physical. Inside we change, we mature, we learn from our mistakes and above all we want to move on.

Vestido Ana Guerra Tik Tak
Vestido Ana Guerra Tik Tak
Vestido Ana Guerra Tik Tak

In this new single we see a more mature Ana Guerra, a change that is the result of what she has experienced throughout her musical career and everything that has led to this moment. She is no longer afraid of the passage of time and enjoys the “tick tock” of the clock.


This dress is perfect for someone who wants to break free, because if we are trapped we cannot grow. Break down the walls and take on the world!


The Marcos Villafruela brand was born out of the passion of a young man from Miranda de Ebro who decided to follow his dream and start his own eponymous brand.

Marcos Villafruela

Based in Marbella, Marcos Villafruela creates exclusive, handcrafted pieces. His garments are works of art made from natural fabrics like silk, cotton and viscose. This can be seen in the shine of the fabric, the way it falls, in the feel of the leather and the high-quality details like embroidery and passementerie, natural feathers and handsewn pearls.


Garments that speak for themselves. Each dress, outfit or suit has a story to tell. A place, a colour, or a shape that inspired it. But above all, each garment is about you.

It tells your story.

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