Your wardrobe, my passion.

Illusion, which, for me, goes hand in hand with tenacity. To look ahead and fly without fear. To dare to dream. To put my full potential into what I do and to learn from my mistakes. To be different while accepting the day-to-day, to be a grandson, a son, a neighbor, a friend… To get up early and stay up all night while inspiration guides me. To make the difficult easy. To improve with each try. It is not about being the first nor the last. The place in line is irrelevant. The important thing is to strive every day, every moment, in every place.

Marcos Villafruela

My greatest triumph is when you feel comfortable, elegant, and beautiful when your personality shines in the garment we have created especially for you.


I am Marcos Villafruela

I am here to bring out the best in you through a unique garment.

A year ago, my life changed, and I decided to bet it all on my project.

My passion led me to the creation of Marcos Villafruela after graduating with a degree in “Creation and Design” from the University of the Basque Country. After the exhaustive study of Cristobal Balenciaga during the “history of design” course, I was captivated to see how someone who came from nothing could achieve it all. He played around with and combined elegance and creativity. It was incredible!

Building my own brand and company has always been my dream.

To me, passion is essential, it’s what makes you wake up every morning and fight for your dreams, but without the support of my loved ones, my parents, my friends, my family… it would not have been possible.

My spiritual side

Living from our passion is the greatest motivation. Making our own decisions is something essential, that helps us overcome the challenges where we risk it all. Whether we win or lose, we learn.

Working on your body and mind is fundamental to reach a point of inner calm and tranquility, a project that I have been working on and perfecting that helps me develop myself further. A perfect balance between mind and body aids on both a personal and professional level.

To come back to ourselves, to recuperate our harmony, fluidity, and satisfaction, to be more conscious… these are the elements that connect us to our soul.

A garment speaks for itself.

A dress, an ensemble, a suit… all tell a story. A story about a place, a color, an inspiration behind its creation, but, above all, it tells us about you. It tells us your story.

People, our bodies and personalities, we are all so different; there are no two alike souls. The situations that we live in our day-to-day lives are also very different.

We will create the perfect garment for you.

Shall we begin?